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Dining Out for Less: 5 Tips
In these days of high energy prices and higher grocery costs, you may wonder if there are any ways to make the cost of dining out a bit more affordable.  That too, seems to be getting more prohibitive -- by the minute -- in terms of price.  Well, there is some good news for you...
Saving Money at the Grocery Store
Even before 2008 turned into a disaster and prices started to escalate, my wife helped me to change all of that...  OK, so there's another story there, and I'll return to that on another day.  The key however, is in the "plan ahead" phrase above.  That and a few tips to follow before and during your next trip to the grocery store could just save you a bundle.  The reason?  We spend, on average, close to one third of our monthly budget... on food!
The Popcorn Connection
Europeans learned about popcorn from Native Americans, who may have likely  brought some of to the first Thanksgiving.  And although it is generally thought of as a snack to be enjoyed at movie theaters, I suspect that there is a rather large segment of the population who enjoy it on many other occasions.  I am definitely part of that segment... but my zeal for the fluffy white stuff has led me to...
Fall in the Midwest
But this year it is the maples that are putting on the best show, exploding like July fireworks into brilliant oranges and reds that can be seen everywhere, exclaiming the approach of winter. This time of year is a large part of the reason that I love Illinois and tolerate...
Keeping the Tree Green
Lights begin to line the rooftops, city work crews begin to hang decorations on the street lights and lamp posts, and most of the time the local sidewalks and shops are filled with smiling faces - oftentimes despite the biting cold of the approaching winter solstice.  And my favorite thing to do is to light a fire in the fireplace and anticipate the taste of that first eggnog as the smoke and embers...
Pheasant Run Resort & Spa New Year's Eve at Pheasant Run Resort
 I have always celebrated New Year's Eve, sometimes in "style" and sometimes not, but I have almost always enjoyed the celebration and the passing of one year into the next.  And one of the things that I have always tried to do is to make every New Year's Eve different...





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