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Every once in a while someone comes along that is, quite simply, a bright spot in an oftentimes dimly-lit and ho-hum world of ordinary. The discovery of those bright spots is always a joy and On the Fox would like to share them with you...

Charlie Prazma
Words are always difficult following the loss of a close friend. But when a music-making duo known locally as Avalanche recently lost musician Charlie Prazma to a sudden heart attack, the other half of Avalanche, Dennis O'Brien, lost more than a friend; close in this case included thirty-plus years of sharing a stage and making audiences smile...
Executive Chef Doug D'Avico - photo courtesy Kurman Communications Doug D'Avico: Chef Extraordinaire
Doug D'Avico had begun his professional cooking career at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in 1987 -- and stuck with it ever since...
Rich Flores - PGA Pro, Teacher & Friend
Rich was just plain good.  His rhythm was an interesting study in contrast: almost mechanical, but very fluid at the same time.  The swing was pretty to watch and Rich seemed to work on it mentally with every shot, analyzing every aspect...
Tamara Lyon, Author
Our first bright spot is a young and aspiring author. Struggling to raise a family, help a husband through medical school and run a cleaning business, she has managed to maintain a clear vision of her passion: writing. Her third novel has just been published and she continues work on...
Dr. Dave Dr. Dave
My first appointment with Dr. Dave left me with with an incredibly good impression - he was one of the first doctors who actually took time to explain to me his diagnosis after reviewing my described history of the pain and looking closely at some X-Rays he took of my neck and shoulder area.  More importantly...




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