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My name is Daniel Cabretta.  First, a bit of information about myself.  I have worked in various aspects of the banking and lending industry for over 25 years, and have always been a monthly multi-million dollar producer, whether it has been in loans or commercial real estate holdings.  My college major was economics with a minor in business administration.

When I first started to work, it was not for money, but for the love of working and getting a job done right.  As a youngster on a farm in Wisconsin, I made a mere $5.00 a day, plus room and board.  That early experience has always been my foundation; it's what is referred to as a work ethic. Today however, most young people instead feel deserving of "tangible things" in exchange for their work.  


While growing up, I saw the results of economic good times and bad, boom, recession, stagflation, energy crises and much, much more.  What I will bring to the table is my wealth of knowledge and understanding of how money works.  Simply put, I will be the guide that helps get you "through the woods" so to speak, rather than a point man who tells you exactly what to do.

Always keep in mind that a price is paid for each decision made, whether it be a good decision or a bad one.  In the end we are all experts of the market place... after the fact.  In the meantime remember Danny's Big Three:

  •  History always repeats itself,

  •  Corrections are necessary and

  •  Nothing is free.

I hope you enjoy my occasional columns!  I would welcome your thoughts and questions.  E-mail me in care of OntheFox.com.




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