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Northern Sky Designs, LLC
Richard Ross
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Batavia, Illinois - (12 May 2014)  PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per thousand) are two methods of paying for banner advertising.  Each has its place in an effective ad campaign; nearly every online campaign should utilize one, if not both.  CPM, or cost per thousand, is based on impressions, or views, of the banner.  Generally the pricing is based on increments of 1,000 impressions.  It is  guaranteed that a specific ad will be displayed on the web page a visitor sees.  The benefits of this model are that a banner will be seen a set number of times.

Both previous and current clients have stressed that a difficult economic climate has brought about the need for greater control and use of ad campaign dollars and asked for solutions.  Northern Sky Designs'  OntheFox.com answered with a roll-out of CPM, an industry standard in proven advertising options.

The new campaign at OntheFox.com offers advertisers numerous advantages over previous advertising options:

  • All ad banners will now be the preferred maximum size of 728 x 90 pixels and will be placed in the most visible location -- above the fold (at the very top of the page)

  • Banners will now be placed on every page of the website, thereby maximizing views and traffic

  • Top-of-every-page placement allows for greater potential for sales and conversions

  • Advertisers will have total control of how much to spend and when to spend it

  • Advertisers will have access to detailed statistics and an overall performance summary

Driving traffic to a website is critical to enhancing sales; it's the main goal of OntheFox.com and it's exactly what CPM does for clients.  An exclusive target audience is browsing OntheFox.com, seeking shopping and dining opportunities in the Fox River Valley.  Take advantage of a proven method of successful advertising -- increase Click-through rates with a large banner ad and CPM at OntheFox.com.  Pricing is set at $5 per thousand impressions.


For more information please call Richard Ross at Northern Sky Designs 630-761-9795, email richard@northernskydesigns.com or  check www.OntheFox.com/advertise




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