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I do really appreciate a great cup of coffee. My personal preference is to have my coffee early in the morning to start my day; but coffee after a great meal works almost as well.

FreshGround in Geneva, IL

And here's some truly excellent news for coffee drinkers - especially those who prefer to start their day (perhaps their commute?) with a steaming hot cup of java: that coffee can be had from a certain barista (more on that in a bit) at - interestingly - Forever Yogurt, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop in Geneva, #FYgenevaIL just a stone's throw from the Geneva train station. More on that in a moment as well. But first...

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Eric Andersen, owner of FreshGround Roasting, also in Geneva. Over a cup of freshly brewed coffee ("pour-over" style), Eric enlightened me on some of the finer points of coffee, coffee roasting, coffee bean origins and a relationship his business has forged with Forever Yogurt in Geneva (and St. Charles as well). Eric has been roasting for just over six years now, three of them right here in Geneva. He knows whereof he speaks.

Forever Yogurt in Geneva, IL

For those who may be unsure, Forever Yogurt occupies a space in Geneva on South Third Street that, at one time, actually housed another coffee shop. Now, frozen yogurt - really great frozen yogurt - has been a favorite in that location for over three years; most folks already know that. But freshly-brewed coffee from locally-roasted beans (a la FreshGround) has only been a store staple since last summer. So maybe the word hasn't quite gotten out there yet; maybe you haven't tasted it yet. You definitely should.

For several reasons; not the least of which is that both companies involved in this #coffeeconversation are local. Local is good. But what's better is the products they share. Sourced from community farms located around the world -- places like Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatamala, Mexico, Brazil -- and farmers who take great pride in growing the higher-quality Arabica beans, FreshGround takes great care in roasting these beans to an optimal doneness and then delivering them to Forever Yogurt in the freshest possible state. You can always be assured of a really fresh cup of coffee there.

The roaster at FreshGround

Forever Yogurt currently offers four great coffees from Fresh Ground: Front Porch - a medium-roast, mild-flavored, sweet, smooth and full bodied blend of "easy drinking" coffee used in Forever Yogurt's "pour-over" and Brewed version; Forte - a blend of medium-roast espresso blend that's made up of sweeter coffees combined with some full bodied ones; Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - a darker-roasted coffee sporting caramel flavors and just a hint of smoke at the finish, it manages to maintains a typically fruity flair; and Dream Maker Decaf - for guys like me who prefer a bit less caffeine in their routines – it’s processed using the Swiss Water Process of decaffeination (not harsh chemicals) and it results in a smooth and very drinkable coffee.

The barista I mentioned earlier - Adrian - knows his craft well and takes special pride in brewing his coffees. Whether it's hand-crafted espresso, a latte, a macchiato or one of a half-dozen other coffee drinks, Adrian is waiting to serve one up for you, smiling and usually humming his way through the process. He's there from 6am 'til 11am Monday - Friday; 7am - 11am on Saturdays and 8am - 11am on Sundays.

Author's note: Adrian is no longer at Forever Yogurt; special coffee drinks are temporarily no longer available.

So why purchase your coffee several blocks to the north, when great-tasting and freshly-brewed, locally-roasted coffee can be had just a few blocks farther south... and only about a block from your next train ride east? My coffee this morning was the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe; it was truly excellent. I can't wait to go back to Forever Yogurt and try some of the other awesome coffees there!

Forever Yogurt
507 S. 3rd St Geneva, IL 60134
ph: 331-248-8978

FreshGround Roasting
321 Stevens St Geneva, IL 60134
ph: 630-457-4458

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