Fox River Valley Local Flavour

Some -- including Wikipedia -- define Flavour (the British spelling of the English American Flavor as "the sensory impression of food or other substance, and is determined primarily by the chemical senses of taste and smell

And while the definition will suffice for certain things, we'd like to add that -- according to" -- flavour can also be defined as "An indication of the essential character of something"

Below are listed a number of items of which we prefer to look upon as indications of the essential character of the people, places and things in and amongst the communities of the Fox River Valley.  We hope you will agree and certainly hope you will enjoy.

Forever Yogurt Store in Geneva, IL

Forever Yogurt & FreshGround - Perfect Partners

Frozen yogurt - really great frozen yogurt - has been a favorite in that location for over three years; most folks already know that. But freshly-brewed coffee from locally-roasted beans has only been a store staple since last summer. Read more


Bourbon barrels at Fox River Distilling Company

Fox River Distilling Company

Perhaps you may have noticed, in a casual walk down Third Street in Geneva, a sign on the window of a then yet-to-be-open business called Barrel and Rye. The sign advertised "Coming Soon: Fox River Distilling Company". I was immediately intrigued, of course, and vowed to visit the distillery... Read more


Bike Path, just south of Route 38 bridge in Geneva, IL

Ride the Fox River Bike Trail

After Labor Day -- especially during the week (being retired does have a few perks of its own) -- the traffic thins out to an incredible extent, and "joy-riders" like me can pedal along at a snail's pace and enjoy the crisp air, sounds of dwindling numbers of song birds, the sights of an occasional egret... Read more


Swedish Festival

Swedish Midsommer Festival

The oldest ethnic festival in Illinois, and believed to be the second oldest in the USA, the Annual Swedish Midsommar Festival is steeped in Scandinavian traditions, with activities that will please everyone. ... Read more

Locally Filmed Movies

Locally Filmed Movies

In 2002, Road to Perdition was shot in the Fox Valley. Maybe you watched some of the filming yourself; it would have been hard to miss, as the production pretty much took over the town -- changing facades and names of most businesses on State Street! Listed here are other movies that were also filmed locally. ... Read more

Fresh local produce

Garfield Farm Vintage Garden

Sure, the sun has begun its annual migration to the south and the days are getting progressively shorter, but the vegetables that we have planted and fertilized and watered and tended for the last three months are finally ripening... Read more

Fresh local produce

Fox Valley Farmers' Markets

These markets are fun to attend, are a great idea and a great source of fresh food and other items, and certainly offer an excellent reason to get out and about and enjoy some more of what the Fox Valley has to offer. .... Read more

Spirit of Peoria

Fabyan Forest Preserve and Villa Museum

Along with much of the other rich history that resides within and just beyond the borders of Geneva, Illinois, is the story of Colonel George Fabyan.... Read more

Fermilab's Wilson Hall

Out & About at Fermilab

There are guided tours, Sunday afternoon "Ask a Scientist" programs, hands-on science exhibits at the Lederman Science Center for grades K-12, buffalo viewing, concerts, lectures, bird watching, seminars, cultural and social events and even dancing.... Read more

Spirit of Peoria

Spirit of Peoria

Our journey took us upriver for several miles and then back again, all the while providing us with someone on the public address system narrating and describing the journey, adding anecdotes relative to the Peoria area... Read more

Rich Flores

Rich Flores: PGA Pro, Teacher & Friend

Rich was just plain good. His rhythm was an interesting study in contrast: almost mechanical, but very fluid at the same time. The swing was pretty to watch and Rich seemed to work on it mentally with every shot, analyzing every aspect of every inch of every swing (he would later use that same determined analysis when watching the swings of his students)... Read more

Maple trees in the fall

Fall in the Midwest

Mother Nature has both subtle and not-so-subtle ways of reminding us that She is in control of the master plan. Birds arrive at the feeders in packs and feed furiously... Read more

Decorated Christmas tree

Keeping the Tree Green

Mother Nature has both subtle and not-so-subtle ways of reminding us that She is in control of the master plan. Birds arrive at the feeders in packs and feed furiously... Read more

Wind Gypsies playing a Pheasant Run for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve at Pheasant Run

The St. Charles Ballroom was decked out to the max with white-clothed tables, silverware, wine and water glasses, candles and centerpieces. There were also hats, horns, streamers and leis for everyone; there was a huge net full of balloons neatly hung from the ceiling just waiting for the midnight drop. Read more