Yorkville, Illinois

In Kendall County, Illinois, Yorkville -- currently a town of just over 10,000 residents but growing like a weed -- is nestled alongside the River just 45 miles west and a bit south of Chicago. Not unlike other towns to the north along the Fox, within a year after the Blackhawk War ended in 1832, permanent settlement also began in Yorkville -- first with a small cabin built by Earl Adams. By 1841, the town had been voted as the county seat, and by 1864 a new courthouse marked the spot. In 1870, the railroad came to town and, as was always the case, businesses began to spring up along the tracks and nearby river. Some of those businesses will ring familiar among locals with long memories: the Rehbehn Brothers Button Factory, Yorkville Ice Company, Squire Dingee's Pickle Factory; some of the earliest buildings are still there.

Park in Yorkville, IL

Yorkville actually existed as two towns until 1957. Somewhat modest but continual growth has continued to stretch the town's borders both to the north and to the south; urban sprawl is no stranger to Yorkville, although the town still retains the advantage of country living, and the Big City is not far away via Interstate 88 (just six miles to the north of town). Other major highways are also fairly close at hand providing easy access to the city from numerous directions.

Recently awarded the First Place Governor's Hometown Award from the State of Illinois for its Riverfront Park project, Yorkville takes pride in its greatest natural asset, the Fox River. Amenities such as neighborhood parks, a new high school, and high quality of life also contribute to Yorkville's pride as a community where heritage and hometown feeling produce a warm welcome for residents and guests alike.