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Rising in the Halbach Swamp of southeastern Wisconsin, the Fox River flows some eighty-plus miles before entering the state of Illinois. Here it begins a southward journey that visits more than two dozen prominent communities before finally emptying into the Illinois River at Ottawa. The history of the river, as well as the towns that sprang up along it, is rich and storied.

Japanese gardens in Geneva

Local Indian tribes – specifically the Potawatomi – had long roamed the area between Ottawa and far northern Illinois as early as 1812; a band of Potawatomi inhabited the area near Fort Dearborn, where Chicago was later developed.

More importantly, the land on both sides of the Fox River was forested and fertile; it attracted settlers from both great and small distances who tilled the fertile soil, stated families and businesses and created empires in towns like Geneva, Saint Charles and Batavia – among many others along the mighty Fox River.

Early on, people from Chicago would travel west to towns like St. Charles (and an idyllic setting in Saint Charles called Pottawatomie Park – brand new in 1912) on the weekends to enjoy an afternoon in "the country." It seemed that the Fox River Valley was the place to be. It was then, and it still is, a favorite destination of folks from far and wide.

Having grown up in Geneva, I can attest to the fact that the Fox River Valley has always been one of my favorite places. The climate, the dining, the shopping and most importantly the people, have been but a few of the reasons I have settled here and stayed here.

On the Fox is my best attempt at sharing with you all that The Fox River Valley has to offer. I hope you enjoy the site… and the area; and that you come back often to see what’s new!


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Old cars in Geneva for filming 'Perdition'

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