FreshGround Coffee Roasting - Geneva, IL

Like you, I really do appreciate a great cup of coffee. My personal preference is to have my coffee early in the morning to start my day; but coffee after a great meal works almost as well.

FreshGround in Geneva, IL

And here's some truly excellent news for coffee drinkers: There’s a great local roaster and brewer… right in Geneva! Recently I had the opportunity to meet and speak briefly with Eric Andersen, owner of FreshGround Roasting. Over a cup of freshly brewed coffee ("pour-over" style), Eric enlightened me on some of the finer points of coffee: its origins, where and how it’s grown and harvested, as well as why he got into the business of bringing great coffee to local venues. Eric has been roasting for just over six years now, three of them right here in Geneva. He knows whereof he speaks.

The roaster at FreshGround

For those who may be unsure, freshly brewed coffee from locally-roasted beans (a la FreshGround) has a number of advantages, not the least of which is the company involved in this #coffeeconversation is local. And that’s an immediate plus, because it involves building relationships with the businesses in your local area and the products they share, as well as with the people themselves who run those businesses.

Sourced from community farms located around the world – places like Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatamala, Mexico, Brazil – and farmers who take great pride in growing the higher-quality Arabica beans, FreshGround takes great care in roasting these beans to an optimal doneness and then delivers them to other local businesses in the freshest possible state. You can always be assured of a really fresh cup of coffee from FreshGround.


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