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Out & About at Fermilab in Batavia

entrance to Fermilab

Physics is a subject that generally will scare the pants off most people… “and even some physics teachers” – at least according to what Leon Lederman (Nobel Prize-winner, author and former Director of Fermilab in Batavia, IL) once said in a lecture I heard him give a long time ago. (This page may contain affiliate […]

Celebrate Midsommar Festival in Geneva, IL

people in Swedish costumes

The oldest ethnic festival in Illinois, and believed to be the second oldest in the USA, the Annual Swedish Midsommar Festival is steeped in Scandinavian traditions, with activities that will please everyone. (This page may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure about affiliate links.) Crossing the Atlantic in the Viking Ship Raven Learn about sailing […]

At the Garfield Farm Museum for the Heirloom Garden Show

farmhouse with picket fence

For anyone living in the Midwest, late summer is always a great time of the year. Sure, the sun has begun its annual migration to the south and the days are getting progressively shorter. Unfortunately, the number of swimming pool days is decreasing rapidly. So, I decided to visit Garfield Farm Museum in La Fox! […]