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Forever Yogurt in Geneva, IL Forever Yogurt & FreshGround - Perfect Partners
Frozen yogurt - really great frozen yogurt - has been a favorite in that location for over three years; most folks already know that. But freshly-brewed coffee from locally-roasted beans has only been a store staple since last summer.
Local made oak barrels for Fox River Distilling bourbon Fox River Distilling Company
Perhaps you may have noticed, in a casual walk down Third Street in Geneva this past summer, a sign on the window of a then yet-to-be-open business called Barrel and Rye.  The sign advertised "Coming Soon: Fox River Distilling Company".  I was immediately intrigued, of course, and vowed to visit the distillery...
Ride the Fox River Bike Trail
After Labor Day -- especially during the week (being retired does have a few perks of its own) -- the traffic thins out to an incredible extent, and "joy-riders" like me can pedal along at a snail's pace and enjoy the crisp air, sounds of dwindling numbers of song birds, the sights of an occasional egret or
Locally Filmed
In 2002, Road to Perdition was shot in the Fox Valley.  Much of the filming of this movie took place in the Fox Valley towns of West Dundee and downtown Geneva. Maybe you even...
Swedish Midsommar Festival
The oldest ethnic festival in Illinois, and believed to be the second oldest in the USA, the 100th Annual Swedish Midsommar Festival is steeped in Scandinavian traditions, with activities that will please everyone.
Resident bison at Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
I remember when the lab was first being built, back in the late '60's.  Since the 6,800-acre parcel of land spanning parts of the two counties was under the control of...
Garfield Farm Inn & Museum Garfield Farm Museum
Sure, the sun has begun its annual migration to the south and the days are getting progressively shorter, but the vegetables that we have planted and fertilized and watered and tended for the last three months are finally ripening...
Farmer's Markets
I will shamelessly admit that I was unaware until this past weekend, when I discovered three of the local markets available on a weekly basis that are all open to the public from June through October...
The Fabyan Forest Preserve and Villa Museum
Along with much of the other rich history that resides within and just beyond the borders of Geneva, Illinois, is the story of Colonel George Fabyan. 



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